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  • Posted by RazorbackCracker
  • 7 months ago
For someone who testify first hand about getting "served" by law enforcement this is a bad ass statement, not just a shirt, and many people in my country/rural county can tell you the same thing, I was already arrested and I'm a jail cell laid down and sleeping when after I invoke my right to remain silent and not giving my name or social security number arresting agencies I was awakened buy an intake officer who informed me that he now knew my name because they ran my truck and found out who my wife was and got her to bring my driver's license down to the police station so on repeating my name he added the word pussy after my first name after my middle name and after my last name so I stood up finally and told Columbo that he had solved saw the crime of the century and then I proceeded to pull out my genitals the lower half and told him that if he had any of these that he wouldn't be out there saying the stuff he was saying until he grew some he could suck on what was above it then he informed me that he would be right back and he was with about 15 more officers and for the next I'm not positive the next 15-20 minutes 30 minutes I was unconscious about 4 times during this time so I'm really kind of fuzzy on the time frame I was punched kicked hit with a baton tased pepper sprayed sprayed with freeze spray I woke up one time out of unconsciousness to find an officer had his fingers in my nostrils and another officer had my goatee and they were spreading my mouth open so they can fill it full of pepper spray and free spray during all this both of my eyes were swollen shut I was covered in bruises and taser marks I was taken from one cell to another and then chain down as tight as they can get me two the cement bench and was told if they heard one chain rattle they would all come back in there again and the nightmare would start over and I was left chain like that for at least 6 hours no reason I know this is because I was changing there and then the breakfast crew come through and then the lunch crew came through and I was still chained up after that I know I was in pretty good trouble ahead of me for what I was charged with which was a gun charge nothing violent didn't hurt anybody just had a firearm and I wasn't supposed to have one when I got out of jail three days later after I bonded out I walked into the lobby to see my sister through the one eye partially open just a little bit who instantly started bawling along with a bondsman lady who had never met me before my life who was bawling just like my sister after seeing me ask her why she was crying and she said I'm so tired of seeing people walk out of this jail that look like you when I know they didn't walk in there looking like that so many people asked me why didn't I sue them why didn't I own the jail like I said I knew I was in pretty good trouble and I knew I was going to have to go back there and try to stay alive at some point and I didn't want them doing that to me again and that's the reason I didn't sue them and that's what they count on all the time the threat of having to come back in there to face a partial part of your sentence for all of your sentence in that facility is enough to scare anybody away from calling the lawyer and there are a few people who have done it and while I was there I seen how they got treated and I was glad I didn't but after looking at the picture that was taken of one of my sides and it showed 56 different tase marks on it I new to keep my mouth shut this is life in America inside the penal system on your street in your jails it's just walking down the hallway of your worst nightmare I pray that something happens to stop these bastards I don't know how many million dollar facility is is in my County but it's the federal state and local holding facility at least 15 million dollar facility not one camera Works in it explain that these people love doing this they're allowed to take out all the cameras so there's no witness two it only a criminal's testimony against the great police officers word so I'm going to purchase your shirt and I'm going to wear it with pride you want anybody tells me hey that's a cool shirt I'll just explain to him that it wasn't cool to learn it the way I did have a great day

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